Saturday, May 16, 2009

My tweets and India Elections 2009

  1. #Indiavotes09 #Tamilnadu #Women 5 women candidates from Major parties & only 1 won! Of course a know person Sivagami of BSP too lost! :-(
  2. #Indiavotes09 DMK was p'd off with some sections of Cinema industry waving black flags against Congress Parivar. So DMK producers shut shop?
  3. #Tamilnadu #Indiavotes09 Kongu party contested in 12 seats and made Cong + DMK to loose in 6. Need to get details of votes polled. Any idea?
  4. #Indiavotes09 Karnataka - Bangalore North C K Jaffer Sherief lost as he didn't campaign due 2 death of his son. BLR Sth - Ananth Kumar, won!
  5. #Indiavotes09 Why the loss in Karur? DMK candidate KCP - ex ADMK unhappy - no ministry last time after switch! Tiruchi - L Ganesan MDMK :-(
  6. #Indiavotes09 DMK contest against ADMK in 11 and lost in 4. Shocker - Chennai South and Tiruvallur. Expected - Karur and Pollachi. ;-)
  7. #Indiavotes09 Now Narayanasamy of Pondi wants a ministry. Representing the French Colony. ;-) Manmohan will hv tough job to allot 80 (30+50)
  8. #Indiavotes09 DMK has won 18 seats, Congress 8, VCK 1, ADMK 9, MDMK - 1, CPI -1 , CPM - 1 + Puduchery by Cong. So 28: 12 good score? ;-)
  9. Congress lost Renuka Chowdhury JAC as a minister, she lost in Khammam 2 TDP. Poor record as Human Rights Welfare minister. :-( #Indiavotes09
  10. @vjshankar TN: Congress Ministers from TN - Chidambaram - Home, Krishnasamy - State, Aaron - State, G K Vasan (State/Cab). Chittan 2 shud be
  11. #Indiavotes09 TN: TRBaalu for Shipping & Surface Transport (Cab). A Raja - Forests (Cab) Palanimanikam, Venugopal (State) 10% of 80 Cent.Min
  12. #Indiavotes09 Kanimozhi - Information & Broadcasting Min, Alagiri - Urban Dev and Dayanidhi - Telecom - All Cabinet Rank. 4 more State Min.!
  13. #indiavotes09 TN:Congress lost 4 seats to ADMK, 1 each to CPI, CPM, MDMK. Contested 15/39 Clever seat allocation by DMK. Pondy is diff. ;-)
  14. @vjshankar PC won. 3554 votes lead. fixed. ;-)
  15. #Indiavotes09 wherez the site of detailed election results, with votes polled by all concerned. :-( Too much of match fixing. Advaniji stay!
  16. @vijaysankaran such dm's do come to everyone who seriously tweet. But they never credit names. British Attitude! ;-) #IndiaVotes09 US is OK
  17. #Indiavotes09 What is the cost of P Chidambaram's win? Vaiko to win in Viruthunagar? Trade Off gossip! :-(
  18. #Indiavotes09 you all shud read it http://pchidambaram.engagev...
  19. British Queen with American Presidents.
  20. #Indiavotes09 Mallikarjun Kharge KPCC leader of Congress in Karnataka wants to be the India Home Min. Grapevine. ;-) Moily as Parl Affairs.
  21. #Indiavotes09 Indeed some match fixing going on from instructions at higher level. Sivaganga seat might be given to Congress for a trade in!
  22. #Indiavotes09 Out of 42 MP seats in AP Praja Rajyam Party came second in only 5. Too bad Chiranjeevi. :-( Hype by media. 160 MLAs + 15 MPs.
  23. #Indiavotes09 People understood that Cinema Glamour is not OK. Vijayakanth faced music. Now Chiranjeevi. :-( Join a major party! Ambareesh X
  24. #Indiavotes09 Asaduddin Owaisi of AIMIM's margin is shrinking. Hyderabad. Only 74507! It used to be 2 lakh votes plus by his father. ;-)
  25. #Indiavotes09 With all the NUDE photos/CD issue, cries on TV, still Jayaprada wins by 12K votes at Rampur, UP. Poor Begam Noor Bano. :-(
  26. #Indiavotes09 Helen Davidson J is the only female to have won MP seat in Tamilnadu. Kanyakumari. Bet Radhakrishnan P of BJP by 63826 votes!
  27. Bogus news by supporter of PC. Results declared as 490 votes loss! #Indiavotes09
  28. #Indiavotes09 Theni equation has changed. ( I was working there for 1 year) ADMK folks need 2 work hard. Congress wins. Opp retains RS seat.
  29. #Indiavotes09 News from Sivaganga (insider) abnormal voting patterns in 2 booths w 3065 votes. All for PC. So held back. Loss by 490 votes!
  30. #Indiavotes09 But still PM has the prerogative to induct Anbumani, if they switch sides, being the best Minister. Holds good for Paswan too!
  31. @vijaysankaran thats a fake one created few hours ago. @ndtv email to
  32. @spinesurgeon People dont like (even caste based) to switch parties like this, on a drop of the hat. Also money was a major factor all along
  33. #Indiavotes09 Just with 6% votes share in TN PMK has played havoc in many ways to run a govt. Lesson taught? They will re-strategise. Guru X
  34. #Indiavotes09 PMK draws blank. That's ZERO out of SEVEN. If they had won even 1, Anbumani would have become Health Minister. Hard luck dude!
  35. #Indiavotes09 Dayanidhi Maran wins by a margin of 24K. Should have been 1 lakh :-( The next Telecom Min. A Raja won Nilgiris - Forests Min.
  36. #Indiavotes09 Cricketer Sidhu wins Amritsar by only 9057 votes. Bad! Last time he won by 1.5 lakh votes margin. A cock became a bull & back!
  37. #Indiavotes09 Communists have held fort in only blue collar workers dominated industrial towns.
  38. #Indiavotes09 NCP did not do well in MAH. Lost to Shiv Sena / BJP in many seats. :-( Family wins in Baramati and Madha. State Elec in 6 mths
  39. #Indiavotes09 Shashi Tharoor's victory margin was 1 Lakh, while poll pundits predicted a loss by 50K votes. He will be Ext Aff Minister! ;-)
  40. #Indiavotes09 Kerala Congres (Mani ) wins as usual. In all waves. Last time too? ;-)
  41. #Indiavotes09 CPM backed IND candidate looses in Ponnani to IUML by 85K votes, which was the votes he was to bring in from Muslims :-( Left?
  42. #Indiavotes09 Karnataka BJP candidate - Chikodi - Katti Ramesh Vishwanath. Note: he just landed few months ago from USA after 10 years in PR
  43. #Indiavotes09 Advani wins by 1.35 Lakh votes. Mallika at 3rd.
  45. #Indiavotes09 Lalu wins from Saran and loses Pataliputra. Great! RJD gets only 3 seats. So no Railways? Not in limelight for few years ;-)
  46. #Indiavotes09 Vijayashanthi wins from Medak. Great! TRS gets only 3 seats. So no Telangana. Planets dont point it for another few years (5).
  47. #Indiavotes09 any site that gives fast election results with votes polled? not accessible! :-( Govt. do something.
  48. #Indiavotes09 தேர்தல் நிலவரம் posted yesterday! My contest entry @ 80% correct!
  49. #Indiavotes09 P Chidambaram will be the Home minister again and get elected to Rajya Sabha, from some vacancies in next 6 months. l;-)
  50. #Indiavotes09 BJD clearly states no support to UPA. Abstention. They have their won govt in Orissa. So its Mulayam + Amar to support with 23
  51. End of the day, Tamilnadu Politics won the heart of Indians. P Chidambaram, good luck in 2014. ;-) Some gimik on arms to SL wd hv helpd Cong
  52. @spinesurgeon EVMs have a 30 sec delay to get activation from Control Unit. Approx 2 votes in a min. So 1 hour gives only 120 votes. No game
  53. #IndiaVotes As predicted UPA is going to win. DMK stays with them. Poor Laalu + Paswan, might be back to Ministry. ;-)
  54. With immense pleasure complete Team invites you to join and be a part of our upcoming website
  55. Here is a site to try your luck of Astrology!
  56. Vince Lombardi - "We dont loose games, just ran out of options!"
  57. Karnataka - JDS wants Mines ministry in any govt. Cool. Reddy brothers wud switch sides (10 MLAs) & Congress will come to power in KAR. ;-)
  58. Tamilnaadu elections, more votes polled for DMDK would mean that UPA wud get more seats! I might stand corrected at 11AM on May 16th. ;-)
  59. AIADMK will claim to form TN govt with COng + PMK support, after Congress withdraws. Headlines Today! ;-) 66 + 33 + 18 = 117?
  60. Hoping works well Sat 7 AM onwards. My friends in EC say that postal ballots count @ 11AM ;-) So all clear then!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Astrological Challenge on Indian Polls 2009

Here is a site that promises a prize of 10 lakh rupees even with 80% correct entries.

One Million Rupees Election Results Prediction Challenge to Astrologers


1. Who will be the next prime minister of India?

Manmohan Singh

2. Which party, combination of parties will come to power? The name of the single party should be clearly specified. If a combination of Parties is mentioned each one should be named.

UPA - lead by Congress

3. How many seats will each of the parties win? The answers should be in units- Ranges are not acceptable- correct to the nearest unit in case of single digit and ±10% if the number is more than single digit.

a. Indian National Congress 163

b. Bharathiya Janatha Party 150

c. Communist party of India(Marxist) 35

d. Communist party of India 11

e. Samajwadi party 32

f. Rashtriya Janatha Dal 5

g. Janatha Dal (secular) 3

h. Janatha Dal United 11

i. Dravida Munnetra Kalagham 15

j. All India Dravida Munnetra Kalagham 7

k. Trinamool Congress 12

l.Bahujan Samjawadi Party 34

m. Bharathiya Samajwadi Party. 1

4. The votes polled by each of the following candidates to the nearest ten thousand ±10% error are to be specified- range is not acceptable:

a. Sonia Gandhi at Rae Bareily 464,000

b. Shashi Tharoor at Trivandrum 234,000

c. Varun Gandhi at Pilhibit 367,000

d. J.P.Hegde at Udupi- Chikmaglur

e. S.Bangarappat Shimoga 411,500

f. B.Y.Raghavendra at Shimoga 272,000

g. Sheena Rai at Kasargod. 178,200

h. George Fernandes at Muzaffapur 175,600

i. Lal Krishna Advani at Gandhi nagar. 311,200

J. Janardhan Poojary at Mangalore. 354,100

k. Murali Manohar Joshi at Varanasi 413,000

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Achievements of Congress

This is what I found on the net from a staunch BJP supporter....

Achievements of Congress

Even after more than 50 years of Congress rule 70% Indian are poor and do not have social security.
Biggest Defence scam - Bofors by Gandhi family.
Cash for Vote in Parliament – Shame on Congresss
Check the food prices at present in compare to 3 years back, common man is finding problem for day to day living.
Congress is not secular because of it's minority appeasement programs.
Congress is soft on Terrorists, Price Rise and Corruption.

Following are few of the biggest scams in India, that have taken place when Manmohan Singh was in charge:
1- Latest in the news is Satyam Scam which is touted to be the biggest corporate scam of India when Dr. Manmohan Singh is Prime Minister as well as finance Minister.
2- Harshad Mehta Scam of 1992 which was touted to be the first ever scam of this magnitude and in fact aam aadmi of India came to know about this great word SCAM only after that.
3- Ketan Parikh Scam of 1992.
4- C. R. Bhansali Scam between 1992 to 1996.
5- Cobbler Scam of 1995 where Shiv Daya was the main player.
6- I.P.O. Scam of 2004-05 which is considered to be the biggest scam of its type.
7- Dinesh Dalmia of DSQ Scam in 2000-01.
8- A. K. Telgi's Stamp Paper Scam considered to be the biggest and most widely spread scam. The scam started in 1994 and was unearthed in 2000.
9- Virender Rastogi Scam in the year 1995-96.
10- UTI Scam in year 2000.
11- Uday Goyal's Plantation Scam started in 1995 and was revealed in 1998.


As long as politicians are able to make money, our democracy will suck!

  • Bring in accountability!
  • Make sure people from the same constituency gets to contest.
  • Allow people to vote from anywhere....(internet votes, postal from within city, any booth, with one single national id )
  • Make the recall of elected reps ( a la USA ) a mandatory thing, with a percentage of voters signing for it..
  • Provide changes in the constitution to enable parties to get representative seats... for example, if BJP get 30% national votes, they should get 30% of 543 MPs, i.e., 163 MPs ( an pick them from the contested candidates, who are eligible as per votes polled in ascending order > 20% and did not forfeit deposit)...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Venture Capital in India

I was reading this article and couldnt resist to comment. (one sided)

VC investments falling off cliff in the US

I have a feeling that in India VCs will never succeed as there is greed in the promoters as well as investors.

With VC's it is always one way street, they get a plenty and if the concept is hit, they make a killing before IPO.

Also same idea presented by 2 different people of similar kind, gets valued differently.

If you have the right contact, you might get the "next best idea" for you to develop (your skill) usurping from the actual owner...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai give the finger

What has happened to these election officials in Maharastra?

Inking on the middle finger and making the world see it "differently".

Behold in their eyes?

This happened yesterday.