Sunday, September 28, 2008

India US Nuclear Deal on the right path

Read this....
US House of Representatives OKs nuclear deal

This is the first step towards the signing of deal on October 4th in India by Rice and Pranab.

I think the USA Senate is going to approve with 2 thirds majority on October 3rd.

Hopefully the 10 new reactors orders, would bring in smiles to 30,000 family with jobs in the USA. Great going INDIA!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging:Business and Recreation

We need to seriously think about Social networking and its effects of doing good things for India. Whatever extra time and effort that could be made available can be put together for a worthy cause.

Recently One Mr Reshan Abdulla (an avid Tamil blogger) agreed to sponsor on kid Mohanapriya for her expenses to go to tournaments and even bought her a laptop (I want to get one cheap for to gift to a kid) and some items. Great Job. Kudos Abdulla!

The other day when I was in a busy crowded street, there was a sudden song... ringtone... Condom Condom... all the females in that busy shopping area were blushing and this guy without any fuss, picks his phone and starts talking. See the link on the right side to download it.

Nowadays there is enough fight going online about one author, who is writing pulp or semi porn literature like Kathy Acker, who bothers, who made statement (blanket) against the bloggers that they are being irresponsible and probably affecting his viewership. See the thought process! The Tamil post that I did, probably has 1000 hits alone, by now!

Someone should drive sense to people, who are gaining popularity...... using the internet medium.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Release of Prisoners in Tamilnadu

There is lot of hue and cry over the release of Prisoners, on account of 100th birth Anniversary of Arignar Anna, the doyen of Tamilnadu politics. Unfortunately, as Anna wanted there was no celebration done. Jayalalitha and Vaiko did their own style of celebrations. Gaptan Vijayakanth did his own photo op.

These are the conditions... (of release of 1405 prisoners)... as read on Reality Check

//The two categories are :

1. All those serving life terms who have completed 7 years (subject to some checks like good behavior)

2. All those over 60 are free if they have served five years

Remember, a life term is usually awarded for murder. //

Some cases for abetting and aiding may be there too. Take the case of Nalini, who is languishing for 17 years.

What government has done is unconditional parole only, hidden to most public and magazines sensationalize Subramaniya Swamy (I have attended some of his lectures at Stanford University during 2004 - International Economics). They need to sign regularly and the local Police station would monitor them. They can arrest them anytime. (Even in the USA due to the paucity of space, about 40% were let go on Parole, in most states in 1980's. But they were booked immediately, if they don't report to Parole officer once in 7 days, unless sick!)

This would not hold in court says a good lawyer friend of mine, who works with a very famous Supreme Court Lawyer firm. In 2007 the release was unconditional, the wordings were not right, hence the court struck it.

Let us wait and watch.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Indians and English

I understand that being Indian, shows that we are all good in English. There was a heated argument with me, my friend and a lady who happens to be in the Cable TV.

What is wrong with the word Skimpy to describe the word skimpy as in wrong dress?

This was about the dressing sense, and she wearing tight pink pants, showing panties. She was co-hosting/anchoring a show in the Tamil Cable TV Channel. (the explanation to say, don't wear tight pink pants). Well the shows producer and director are known to my friend and he has already taken corrective actions.

I worded the comment as Skimpy, the typical term, I am used since my USA days describing inappropriate dressing for an occasion. When I was in government dress, I have sent official memo's to ladies (within the gamit of the work involved being Skimpy!)

We don't need to apologize to that lady! What the fu*k?

Like anchor Gopinath in Neeya Naana says always, "It is a Hobson's Choice". You say one thing, you get beaten up, you say other you get beaten up. Catch-22. This was told by my friend.

Imagine for a guy with near perfect English credentials getting banged by a rotten lady!

Criticism and comments are part of public life! You should not tread on others....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Market, Organized Retail

I may not buy into all thoughts about not promoting the organized retails like, Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh etc..

Do you know the wastage percentage of the individual sellers than the bulk sellers? Do you know organized selling is what EU is harping about? (Sandhaikadai - Market in Tamil in a single form is a good hit, that I have seen since 1991)

In Haiti, people are eating mud, mixed with tree fungus as there is no food.

Anyway think about WTO, what Kamal Nath achieved (little googling would help) to save 8000000 farmers.

Saw in a friends blog about how he bought Tomato for 2 Rs/Kg in Hosur, while it costs Rs 8 in Bangalore. (Transport costs?)

I grew up in Bengal, listening to Uncle Sam harping on Communism, learn’t more like that.

Writers Online

It is nice to read writers postings online. Even though I am not a Tamilian, but married to one. (Marati). I might be wrong, but drinks, women and sex dominate their writings! (intentionally?). I don't drink and I definitely do not appreciate that!

My Thamizh language skills are improving based on reading their posts among others, I could say. (Check out my Tamil blog ). They claim their style of writing is ultra-modern. They want to be a writers hero! (seriously?)

A topic I find most of them shy away to write, would be about Mumbai Bar Dancer girls.

The latest story on bar dancers are very tough to digest. Bar Dancers in Mumbai were the tough specimen of human kind. The people who run them, as I have heard are the most toughest form of slave - drivers in the world. I have also heard about these, from a friend of mine, living in Abu Dhabhi, on the Russian mafia taking over Bur Dubai, with call girls (converted from India). I have also heard about girls from India in Thailand.

I was reading a news article on new 'Ananda Vikatan' its advertisements and business tactics and saw this link. I understand that freedom of expression is mi-used in India, even against writers! (spoiling livelihood's of writers). I can hear you saying, why they write and get the wrath? I am not trying to get attention here!

Also this blogpost

Another topic that very few writers are taking it for their meal is, Child abuse.

India has too much of Child abuse. I saw the program of Rose (August 2008) and felt these politicians are the cause of not passing strict laws. What do you think of 'God of small things' novel and child abuse? Is there something like that explaining the hidden closets? Salma (a politician of DMK, Tamilnadu) wrote "Irandam Jaamangalin Kadhaigal", exposing the tough nature of secluded women. Awareness makes people to be aware of pretenders.

I have a question for all writers (for most it is work?) and their cinema aspirations.

Do you like cinema, being 'part' of it?
Or is the fame and money that un-lures you? (since you did not be part of it yet?)

At times they talk of wanting to be Hero's kindling the tickle buds?

Also surprisingly they have written about Super Star Rajinikanth and Kuselan etc... (or I missed it?).

Since I brought the topic of Cinema, let us talk about Amitabh Bachchan.
I have 2 question's on Amitabhji.
(1) Was he right in bringing his son into acting field?
(2) Does he need to do the tough world tours for the sake of money?
(Do you read his blogs? )

Please read this too
(particularly the comments...) gives an insight into what an outsider sees about Tamil writers.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Power Cuts, Tamilnadu, Southern States

At least global warming is going down due to power cuts in India, particularly in southern states.

I have lost few kilos, sweating without power. My health is improving too. Taking walks etc...

No point in blaming the ministers (magazines, newspapers, bloggers et al), what will they do, when there is no interest in paying for power from farmers to lower middle class?

I crib and pay Rs 4.20 per unit on an average, and specially Rs 500/- extra for my apt complex and have invested in an inverter for evenings power cut sake.

But still I request BSY, Karunanithi, Achuthanandan and Samuel to ensure the situation improves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amitabh and his blog and Maharastrian sentiments!

Today I read on Amitabh Bachchan's blog, about what he has gone and going though about the Maharastrians sentiments.

Amitabh's latest blog....

Being a born Marati - first settlers of that land is my community - I felt sad on seeing the politicians, running amock. First they should set their house in order, removed caste-ism and help poor.

Here is my response to him...


Dear Amitabh Sir

I am humbled by your gesture and feel sad on what your family is going through.

I am a born Maharastrian in a Dalit family, and my dad was driven out just because of ill-treatment (should not have studied or opt for a better job) in the same land centuries ago ancestors settled.

I grew up in Kolkatta, and my family owes all the happiness that we got to WB. Of course we do not forget our roots.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

India and Nuclear Deal

At last India has crossed the final hurdle with NSG, getting the Energy Waiver. The final step towards the Nuclear Deal with USA. (Of course the Australia Barrier is still there...)

There is wrong understanding by people (opposition) about the nuclear deal. I have some friends in BJP as well as CPM (the place where I grew). They have no objections on the treaty to do trade. What they are worried about is the right to test, and there is clarity now with the waiver. But according to Hyde Act, USA would terminate the deal, if India does nuclear tests (Do you know that BARC continues to do Cyclotron Nuclear tests everyday?). You see, still Australia is troubled to sell enriched Uranium to us. Why? They are not in good trading terms or they don't want to be dictated by USA! Chinese wanted to be heard by India only, rather than Bush calling their Premier. That was the last hiccup!

God Help India!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shirdi Sai


I am a firm believer of Shirdi Sai and I do believe in Miracles. Personally I have experienced Sai, when I got Vibuthi blessings in front of Sai picture, before my interview, during final year in College and pronto I got the job I wanted with Tata Group. Later after 3 years of service, I decided to do good to Indian community taking up Civil Services and under the guidance of Sai, I served for 13 years.

I have also been given Dheeksha by Amma Amritananda Mayi.

Yeoman service in the form of social service is the key to eradicate poverty.

Shirdi Sai Live

Friday, September 5, 2008

India and Corruption

See the state of India with Corruption....

Read here...

I cannot say anything more, expecting comments from readers.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Embarassing 123 agreement

Read this first.. very embarrassing.

Look at what those Congressmen have tried to do. An agreement that would help India, with vague terms.

So Uranium (enriched) supply is going to be at crisis need basis only? It is here 75% of times, so along with USA, Austria and Australia also China has to sell. Thanks to Russia right now it is a smooth sail.

We need to tweak laws to dig the Rishi Valley area and get the next 25 years supply and store and stop the deforestation.

All the need is, now to get the Solar mania in place. Spend 10% of Income Tax earned FM & PM.

Savage Waters that will not be tamed

Read the economist article here.... (India is not shown correctly, you idiots! See the head J&K)

See how since 1978, these politicians includign Lalu did not bother anything on the Nepal side bund.

Nepal has to help to create a barrage ( bund - to correctly set the 35 to 80 kms ) path of Kosi. Or build a very high dam at Nepal, that might solve about 80% of problem (rest is headache of Bihar rulers). I believe earlier governments in Nepal (under King) were very co-operative, but due to the investment nature, India was to spend those 3500 crores fully, which could have been a political suice and in 1978 Morarji Deasai then PM put a road block to that work order. We Indians could have got the right to generated power at a small cost, just paying operations cost and also helping Nepal (employment, and saving floods pain in their side). We also have to wait and see with the new people govt. there.

Looks simple, but now?