Sunday, June 14, 2009

50th Post - Wockhardt and related

I was astonished and taken aback while reading this article.

All about Wockhardt, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

There is even a reply for this...

A reply from Wockhardt, Bangalore


I have to post on them, on robbing me of Rs 64,000/- on wrong diagnosis of "Angina" while it was just gas.... ( not about maligning their name but their culture of swindling... )

Long time ago, when I quit my govt. job and moved into Bangalore, I started the habit of staying at home and eating only home cooked food and occasional junk food.

I also went to "Isha Yoga" training given by a lady, through a friend of Divya. One of the item suggested as consumable was eat Neem leeves ground with Turmeric every day!

I started the habit of morning walk, as in Chennai # 6 AM.

After few months, I started having chest congestion. I had tried all the house remedies and the pain in the chest area ( under 40 was I ) made me visit a famous cardiologist (name withheld! as he quit to move elsewhere!) at Wockhardt and related tests were conducted. One thing they told me on dangerous side was my 100+ kg body.... I put on weight, in the sedentary govt. job. ;-)

So for a week, when these tests, 64 bit slice heart image was being conducted, I gave up on neem+ and walks. So the lungs congestion had cleared and I was back to normal.

Note - I did not take any medicine during this time, other than the usual, hypertension tablets.

They concluded it was mild angina, and the anginoplasty was to be done! But I took a second opinion, from my sisters friend ( sending all records ) and figured out what was the problem. Even my BIL, helped out, talking to the concerned. Final diagnosis - Gas Trouble!

The bill Rs 64,000/- was total rip off. All for what? Gas.

( After this time only, the same doctor operated ( or assisted ) upon ex Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy )


Thanks for all the readers....